Why I Opened RE/MAX NEXT

Being a realtor in Chicago for a number of years I’ve seen a lot. I worked for a handful of different companies big and small as an independent agent and part of a team. Throughout my experience at these companies, I observed what each offered and how each treated their agents. I spoke to many agents across the city about their experiences at their brokerages and how they felt about them. I also spent a lot of time doing research on all of the companies in the city and compiled what I felt was enough information to come to one conclusion: brokerages have been taking and continue to take advantage of agents!

It is a conclusion that infuriated me. Hearing how agents are treated and how the company they work for is only concerned with their bottom line and not truly helping the agent made me want to do something about it. So I decided to open a company that is truly dedicated to helping realtors. Full disclosure, it has always been a goal of mine to open my own company, the research I did only further ignited my desire to do so.

It’s one thing to come to this conclusion, it’s another thing to actually do something about it. So I started the process of working towards opening up my own brokerage. I filed the necessary paperwork, I settled on a name and logo, and was about to start looking for office space before I was presented with an opportunity that I had not considered; a RE/MAX franchise.  

When I was doing my research on other companies, I had considered purchasing one as a franchise until I learned more about them, RE/MAX was not even on my radar. RE/MAX does not have a large city presence so I did not even really consider it. I spent the necessary time researching what this company has to offer and found that due to each office being independently owned and operated I would be able to run the company as I wanted without the restrictions placed upon franchise owners of other companies. RE/MAX NEXT was born.

RE/MAX NEXT is designed only with agents in mind. The company is not designed to restrict agents, rather its designed to allow an agent to run their business the way they want without the limitations of a traditional brokerage.

Anyone that knows me knows it’s my passion to help agents. It is what I love to do and what my focus is every day. Don’t get me wrong I still love selling real estate but I get more excited about helping one of my agent’s win a Top Producer award then me winning one myself. (RE/MAX NEXT had two agents win top producer awards this year!)

RE/MAX NEXT hasn’t even had the doors open for a full two years yet but I am so excited to see where the company is going and what we are building here. The opportunity to help agents become better realtors and more successful every day is one of the most gratifying things I could ever imagine.

Until NEXT time,