How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid either through a virtual check that can be printed off like a normal check straight from the agent’s printer or via direct deposit.

*Regular paper checks are an option as well if an agent prefers


How fast are commissions paid?

Typically within 24-48 hours


How are commission statements handled?

We have a basic template that is given to each agent when they sign up via their Important Information Folder shared in DropBox. Agent’s are responsible for filling them out and sharing with the office manager for review before closings.


Are there designated desks?

No. Our office space is set up to be an open sharing of ideas. There are plenty of community places for agents to work as they come and go.


How is deal paperwork handled?

All listing agreements are sent through DocuSign to Managing Broker for signature. The Manager Broker will save all listing agreements in DocuSign Transaction rooms created with the agents info.


How is earnest money handled?

Either can be dropped off at the main office on the 3 rd floor or in the overnight drop box outside the office building main entrance.


Do agents have to pay for printing?

NOPE! Office covers ALL printing costs.


Where do I park?


As well as free street parking.