established in 2017

RE/MAX NEXT is designed to help an agent’s business grow without the limitations of a traditional brokerage. We believe the philosophy of a traditional Real Estate Brokerage is outdated. In the past, the name of an agent’s brokerage carried a lot of weight. Knowing this, brokerages took advantage of agents by offering them unfavorable commission splits, restricting their ability to market their business, and charging fees that inhibited their ability to grow. Seeing firsthand how agents have been taken advantage of, we decided to open a brokerage without the limitations they have endured in the past.


Our commission plan is designed to allow an agent to choose a split that most benefits their business. The highest split we offer agents is 95% - a percentage that traditional brokerages rarely allow. We have five different plans to choose from, starting at 70% (which has no office fees and is higher than what a traditional brokerage would offer a new agent). Regardless of an agent’s production, we offer a plan that is conducive to their success.


We feel that each agent is a brand and we want to help build and develop that brand. By allowing an agent to be the center of their marketing, the agent becomes the main point of contact and can further promote their business. We are a brokerage that will never put our name and logo above an agents.


Most importantly, our fees are minimal. We want our agents to reinvest that extra money back into their business. We don’t believe an agent should have to pay the brokerage large monthly fees, or be nickeled-and-dimed at every turn. Our model is built so an agent keeps as much money as possible in their pockets.


We invest in our agents. Not just money, but time. We offer our agents a custom mentorship program that ensures they’re given the tools and guidance to take their production to the next level. We want them to be up to date with everything going on in the industry. For this reason, we host monthly educational events to make sure our agents are getting the proper information they need to succeed. Furthermore, our agents are provided with free online educational courses paid for by us, if they choose. Together, we’ve created a work environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and the support of one another.

RE/MAX NEXT A Brokerage Without Limitations.